The driving force behind is the deep desire to create a community of church filmmakers learning and growing together. Film is an extraordinary medium, and it’s one most of us will spend a lifetime learning to master. A making film for churches presents an even more unique set of challenges and opportunities.

We believe it’s absolutely crucial that church filmmakers learn from each other, and that we invest in each other.

Which is why were were thrilled when Ben Cantrell of TrueNorth Church was willing not only share their latest Easter film, but also this fantastic behind the scenes look at the heart and the methods that went into making “Blood of the Lamb.”

(special thanks also goes to Hodges Usry for shooting the footage of Ben in action)

One of the things I really appreciate about this project is hearing Ben speak about his motivations to make this film. If the films we make don’t come from place deep inside us they’re unlikely to resonate deeply with viewers. Another thing I loved seeing was Cantrell’s creative process, which seems to be a hybrid of a developed shooting plan and run-and-gun, documentary style set work. That kind of thing is always fascinating to me to see in action.

If the films we make don’t come from place deep inside us they’re unlikely to resonate deeply with viewers.

It’s also incredibly useful to get a glimpse into the specific techniques used on this project. After initially viewing the film I was extremely curious to see how the ink effects were created. And as always, it’s so helpful to hear about how specific gear was chosen and employed, and how that gear informed creative choices in production.

Big, big thanks to Ben Cantrell and team for this insight. We genuinely look forward to having the chance to learn more from members of our CFN community moving into the future, and BTS films are a phenomenal tool for that!

So what did you appreciate most from this video? What questions did it prompt?  Leave a COMMENT below and let’s get the conversation going! 

Blood of the Lamb – behind the scenes

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