You might be thinking… Drone registration? Why do I need to register my drone? What are the chances I get caught? We had a detective show up at one of the filmmakers on our team’s house after someone reported seeing  a drone flying it over a city building. So it happens.

Most people don’t realize that the FAA has drone regulations. This is new and the grace period ended in April of 2016. We were surprised by this on our team and took care of it right away.

The good news is it’s cheap, easy and quick.

It will only take 10 minutes if you got all your info. And it only costs $5.

If you get caught without a drone the fines are ridiculous. Like $25K ridiculous. And if you were to do something stupid like crash it into a group of people it could be up to a quarter million dollars and three years of jail time.

So if your church’s drone you should register.

How do I register my UAS Online?

The process is simple and all done online. Your registration is valid for three years. Some things you’ll need before you get started:

  • An email address
  • Credit or Debit card
  • Physical address and mailing address (if different from physical address)
Register your drone with the FAA
  1. Create your account.

drone registration

2. Select Non-Model Aircraft

If you’re registering a drone for your church. If you’re registering a personal drone (that makes you a very cool person) select Model Aircraft.

drone registration

3. Add new UAS

Drone registration

4. Pay them $5 for your drone registration

5. Print out copies of the registration for your filmmakers and put a copy in the drone case.


6. Print out certificate number and place it on your drone.

Use a label printer or something similar. It doesn’t need to be visible, it can be inside the battery housing, but it does need to be on the drone.


7. Enjoy your freedom and lack-of-jail-time.


Drone registration simplified

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